Monday, October 25, 2010

Spring Soiree

Our school concert is on tonight. I've spent all day pretending that I'm a sound guy, plugging in microphones and moving them around until the feedback stops. I have no knowledge, so trial and error is my only method.

My choirs are performing. Another hour to practice would have been nice. 1.5 hours before things kick off I am still unsure whether to accompany them on grand piano, keyboard or guitar. The advantage of grand piano is that it sounds good. Advantage of the keyboard is that I can stand in front of the kids and sing at them. Advantage of guitar is that I play in front of the kids so I'm in control and I can jump around a bit to enthuse them. Thoughts?

My year 4/5 choir are singing - Island in the Sun (2 part) and Close Every Door (unison). My year 6/7 choir are singing Love is All Around (2+ parts, drums, saxophone, trumpet, + piano/keyboard/guitar). Good times.


  1. I would choose the option where you have the most control so guitar would be my choice (although if it really was me it would have to be one of the others since I don't play the guitar). Unless you are very confident they won't get lost if you're not in front of them....

  2. I'm with Karen - go the guitar.

    If you're more than 20% sure that they'll get scared &/ look disinterested &/ pick and flick &/ loose their place, pace or note then steer away from the grand piano.

    If you think they're more likely to look disinterested &/ scared than they are to loose their place, pace &/ note, I'd go with piano.

    If you think they're likely to do both (ie - look disinterested &/ be scared as well as loose their place, pace or note) and you have a big enough voice to lead them in with a note, then go with guitar.

  3. Wow, now I know exactly what you meant by a "big day"! All the best!

  4. Where do you find the energy, Simone!!! And belated happy birthday:)