Friday, October 15, 2010

And we have a winner...

It's the Benn diagram!

Well done Wendy, Milika, Jon, Nathan, Sheryl, Nicole, Marshall and Karen. I think you were all fantastic to enter. Really impressed with you venn diagramming skills. Now the challenge is for you to continue with venn diagrams. As you are about your everyday tasks, you need to ask, 'How can I use overlapping circles to represent this mundane aspect of life?'

Go forth and venn diagram!

And now on to the fantastic prize... Ben, stay tuned. There are 3 prize options to choose from. Watch this space.


  1. Congratulations Ben(n) muchly deserved for your superior graphics skills which show the size of the "when I get creative things done" space in the circle might be an underestimate:)

  2. Hey Simone - this question is nothing to do with your blog post (but I am glad the one I voted for won) - does your choir at school take much time? How do you run it? Who gets to be in it? Do you lead and accompany? Just asking because our school has no choir, and after five years of requesting I have almost decided that it might be me who takes action. please email me - Thanks Catriona