Thursday, October 28, 2010

right now

Watching: Angel

Listening: New songs from emu's coming cd 'undivided'

Reading: First Term at Malory Towers (again.)

Writing: Year 3 music test paper

Thinking about: Romans 8

Yes. I know. Nothing too profound right now.



  1. W: M*A*S*H and C*S*I
    L: ?
    R: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate plus the odd Occupational Therapy Journal
    T: Pica - the tendency to put non-food items in the mouth


  2. I love Malory Towers. I have them all....and I still read them sometimes. And St Clare's too.

  3. I thought 'Undivided' was to be out for TWIST attendees? That's been pushed back has it? Sigh. No chance of taking it away on holidays next week then.

    W: Sherlock Holmes came and went so fast, but I'll be keen to pick up the next season.
    L: Did you have to ask this week? Sheesh. Delta Goodrem. Sorry.
    R: Owen got his first Harry Potter book for his birthday. 6 days later, he's finished it. I think I got to read maybe a third of that. I foresee years of reading under the covers by torchlight for him...
    W: Just did the first annual budget for the provisional parish of Shoalhaven Heads. Does that count? It's creative writing...
    T: How it could possibly have taken two years for the idea to even *occur* to me that what we need next is a lunchtime kids' club at the school!

  4. Wendy. Yes eclectic.

    Karen - I know some MT off by heart. I've been trying to put the book down every now and again and keep the words coming. Pretty smooth. I have st. clares too.

    Anthony - Undivided is being make at the moment. Sent out in 2 weeks. Sorry. I could send you a couple of songs until then.

  5. Watching: The Marriage Course DVD's
    Listening to: Time of No Reply, Nick Drake
    Reading: City of Man by Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner
    Writing: Bible Studies
    Thinking About: Next Year

  6. Watching: Having a break from TV addiction after 7 seasons of "West Wing"
    Listening: Birthday CDs - my favourite is "Lucy and the Wolves" by Martha Tilston - review @
    Reading: "Peter, Paul and Mary Magdelene" by Bart Ehrman
    Writing: still trying to get those Christmas songs right
    Thinking: Why are so many people not returning my phone calls???

  7. Watching: Anna Pihl
    Listening to: Sufjan Stevens
    Reading: The Virginians & some honours theses I'm marking
    Writing: a chapter on sermons & preaching in the British colonies
    Thinking about: ditto

  8. Oh, I missed the writing one. I'm writing an OT report and an article about Japanese-grown worship music (feel a bit out of my depth for the second one).

  9. Two weeks isn't too bad. We'll be away on holidays for one of them.

    Thanks for the tempting offer...but after a brief tussle, purist Anthony won out, and I'll wait the fortnight to hear them in their setting. I guess I still believe in the album => clearly not Gen-iPod.

  10. W - MasterChef (the 2nd Australian series)
    L - Hi-5
    R - The Waddie Tree by Kerry McGinnis (she's my uncle's sister)
    W - TradeMe listings (NZ equivelant of Ebay)
    T - How I'm going to get everything organised on time in the next couple of months (2 birthday parties, Ben starts school, family coming to stay...)

  11. Watching: How I Met Your Mother
    Listening: Beach House
    Reading: about the Reformation
    Writing: Blog posts
    Thinking: about the future