Sunday, October 24, 2010

all the cool people are writing in 6/8 at the moment.

Maybe I should try it.


  1. Perhaps you could get into the swing of things by singing yourself "Happy Birthday"...

    Ok. So I know 'Happy Birthday' is traditionally in 3/4 but it's the best segue I could come up with. I (actually Nathan) thought I could write this comment in 6/8 but dear Augustine is taking up too much of my time at the moment. Plus my attempts at poetry would leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Not what you want for your birthday.

    Nevertheless I thought I'd give you some blove as a gift. The best gift really, considering the rarity of my comments and your love of them. I hope you can take some time out to enjoy your day today! Happy birthday!

  2. Ooh, yes, happy birthday too. Owen just had his on Friday so I've been playing Lego all weekend.

    New song at church tonight after TWIST. I had no hand in it, I'm afraid - looks like ASATD will be the second cab rather than the first. (In His Name, btw)

  3. Any thoughts on why the attraction to 6/8?
    I'm wondering if it's a concious thing to appropriate a 'folk' sort of idiom vis the stuff which I associate with the Getty/Townend catalogue.
    Generally the progression of that metre seems to help singing as it seems to 'draw' me along.
    It's well suited to songs that begin and then tell a story or develop a theme to a conclusion.

  4. Kind of.

    Mumford and Sons use 6/8. Folk music can use any time signature. In a way, I'd call townend/getty music folky.

    6/8 can be dangerous. You write stuff that you think is good because it rolls on ... but it's actually a pretty awful song. 3/4 is worse.