Monday, March 4, 2013

Right now...

Watching : Once Upon A Time. You should too. It's great!

Reading : James Denney The Death Of Christ, Jenny Brown Growing Yourself Up, Phil Campbell and Gary Millar Saving Eutychus. All excellent. Reviews to come.

Feeling : A little unsettled. Bored with work. Fenced in.

Thinking about : Prayer in church

Frustrated about : People thinking the worst of one another, Christians sniping at each other.

Wondering if : Son #1 will learn that procrastination isn't worth it. Hoping that this night of being awake with worry will bring about good results.



  1. Watching : Madmen series 5

    Reading :B.P.R.D. The Long Death, Exodus and Keep In Step With The Spirit (Jim Packer)

    Feeling : Anxious and unfocussed, but in a better place with God than usual

    Thinking about : a party I'm singing a song at on Saturday. Don't wanna.

    Frustrated about : Spending more time with work people than home people. Blurgh.

    Wondering if : things will go okay with baby 3 and if we'll have things sorted by her arrival.

  2. Robyn Campbell
    (I don't know how to get my name on the top)

    Watching: Revenge

    Reading: Women, slaves, and homosexuals - Webb

    Feeling: Tired

    Thinking about: Hermeneutics of gender, particularly in Genesis 1-2.

    Frustrated about: Time passing quickly.

    Wondering if: Questions can be answered, tasks done in time, rest will be granted.

  3. Watching : Assorted stuff on the PVR - generally ABC / BBC stuff including River Monsters (God made some truly cool and weird animals that we rarely see - what do the ones we haven't seen look like?)

    Reading : TAFE textbboks, a book I borrowed from the library while waiting for the JP (long line-up, I forgot my other book but hey, I'm at a library, not like there's a shortage of reading material)

    Feeling : Cabin feverish - I wish it would fine up to be able to consistently go for a walk of a morning, do laundry and mow (halp! - I've been eaten by the 'lawn'!)

    Thinking about : House designs, TAFE, too much 'stuff'

    Frustrated about : Lack of answers from TAFE re: available subjects

    Wondering if : I'm truly capable of studying full-time or if I'll get too distracted

  4. Watching: Red (with Bruce Willis)

    Reading: Robert Ludlum's The Janson Command (Paul Garrison); Disciplines of a Godly Woman (Hughes)

    Feeling: Busy - time and concentration being pulled in a number of directions

    Thinking about: Easter traditions

    Frustrated about: House clutter - no matter how hard I try, there is always stuff everywhere

    Wondering if: we will stay or move in the short/medium term

  5. Watching: Law and Order back catalogue.
    Reading: Fit to Burst (Abundance, Mayhem and the Joys of Motherhood) - Rachel Jankovic. Fantastic book helping me get my head right! Sequel to "Loving the Little Years" which is equally helpful.
    Feeling: hot, tired, hungry and pregnant.
    Thinking about: playing Settlers
    Frustrated about: Lack of energy
    Wondering if: I will get anything done today!

  6. Watching: The Paradise. I know...pathetic. It's the Home and Away Frock Drama.
    Reading: Just finished Hound of the Baskervilles. Not reading anything at the moment.
    Feeling: Under the pump.
    Thinking about: what things will look like for us and our family in 5 years from now.
    Frustrated about: My cluttered mind.
    Wondering if: I'll ever have head space.

  7. Watching: Nothing, sadly. I'm in a stage of needing a new series and not finding one.
    Reading: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I've just finished How to be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman. And on the Christian book front, Light Dawns in Nepal by Tom Hale (a history of how missionaries got into Nepal), Compared to Her by Sophie DeWitt and Every Good Endeavour by Tim Keller. That might be why I don't have time to watch anything....
    Feeling: Sick. I had a vomiting bug all yesterday afternoon and last night. Just coming out of the sick fog now.... Sorry, that's probably more information than you all needed to know.
    Thinking about: How I can tell my students their report writing skills still need a lot of work. What they have sent me so far sucks. There's no other way to describe it. And also thinking about what I will say in a job interview I have coming up on Thursday. I've got conflict resolution and strengths and weaknesses questions nailed, if they happen to ask me those ones.
    Frustrated about: Feeling sick and tired and not being able to do what I need to do.
    Wondering if: I will be feeling better tomorrow but at the same time wondering if I will have sick kids to deal with instead. One has been sick this afternoon, three others still look okay but I'm sure that can't continue for too long....

  8. Watching: Home and Away Frock Drama as well. (with Megan) and enjoying it. But i balance it up with Hell on Wheels which is the best thing I've watched in ages.
    Reading: Growing Yourself Up (Jenny Brown) as well. Very helpful. The Rise of Evangelicalism (Noll) (Andrews copy I think) Colossians (PTOB - for work).
    Feeling: in the groove with family but jumping hurdles with church
    Thinking about: the appropriateness of Gospel ministry requiring it's pound of flesh (end of Col 1)
    Frustrated about: the non-existence of a magic bullet for growing evangelistic/discipleship maturity

  9. Watching : The Walking Dead & The Following

    Reading : The cross of Christ (Stott), Who do you think you are (Driscoll)

    Feeling : optimistic about some future projects

    Thinking about : How to encourage my friends

    Frustrated about : bad planning

    Wondering if : I'm kidding myself

  10. Watching: Been loving the Dr Blake mysteries.
    Reading: Just finished "Losing My Religion" by Tom Frame - interesting but frustrating. Why spend 30 pages commenting on statistics when a few simple tables and graphs would have done the same in 3?
    Feeling: Excited. Baby daughter gets married in 10 days!
    Thinking about: CS Lewis's Trilemma, atheism as the denial of a worldview rather than a worldview in itself. Plus the final verse of my wedding song.
    Frustrated about: Work, or lack thereof. Not a good time for social policy consultants in Queensland right now.
    Wondering: If I'll have to get a real job before the end of 2013.