Saturday, March 23, 2013

Despite the Pain

Despite the pain, despite the price
God took flesh in Jesus Christ
Lived with us, eternal word
A light shone in the darkness of our world 

Despite the pain, Christ set his will
He turned his face to Calvary’s hill
Trusting in his father’s plans
he put his life in God’s eternal hands

Despite the taunts, the promised doom
Despite the nails, the spear, the tomb
Christ arose triumphantly
He trusted God, God gave him victory.

Despite the blackness of my soul
Despite the sin that still takes hold
Christ the Lord has giv’n me life
So I will follow my Lord Jesus Christ.

Despite the pain, despite the price
I will follow my Lord Jesus Christ.

sar 2013


  1. Tricky meter...but that's PP's problem, right?

    I love the twist on that final verse.

  2. I know you're writing songs about atonement and hence your focus on Jesus' suffering. Still, here's my immediate thought on reading this song. When Jesus became human, was it all pain and blackness for him or did he, like us, experience joy and exhilaration? Did the idea of being mortal give him a sense of excitement and the need to act now, like it does us? When he ate beautiful food, or heard beautiful music, or experienced the love of his friends, did that make him feel wonderfully content? Or, having experienced heaven, was human life simply one long drawn out experience of drabness, pain and sordidness? The experience of incarnation is such a hard thing to imagine!