Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are you an entrepreneur?

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I did a test. The numbers and the blue lines are my scores. The vertical red line is the average score for entrepreneurs. So it seems I have the right motivations and attitudes to be an entrepreneur, but I lack the skills. Oh well.

Wanna take the test?


  1. Sadly I don't have ten minutes to spare tonight since I'm procrastinating about other stuff and I think we have a long night of sick kids ahead of us here....

    But I am prepared to call it without doing the test and say that in no way at all am I an entrepreneur :) In motivations, attitudes or skills....doing new stuff is way too exhausting for my poor little head.

  2. I did it.

    well below the mark on every point.

    1. Oh well. Entrepreneurs mostly have bad marriages and several bankruptcies.

  3. I'm pretty sure, like Karen, that I don't have the right attitude at least for starters. I'm a good wage and salary earner. For one example, I read a few crafty/design sort of blogs, and look at the sort of books they publish, and think to myself "I can't believe people are making money from just doing that". But that is the point really - they are making money from things that really aren't that extraordinary, just because they have that attitude. (I have a small dream of selling handmade things, but I know it's not going to be my get-rich-quick scheme.)

  4. Well below in all of them. Seems I am the happy little worker type. Although I do have a great desire for control, apparently. Teacher-type.

  5. Freaky. I scored exactly the average on every indicator. So I'm no entrepreneur. although the kind people conducting the test said very nice things at the end to indicate there might still be hope for me. besides I'm a long distance kind of guy not a sprinter.