Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gingerbread men fail = ginger and passionfruit slice

I didn't have enough cocoa for chocolate slice so I thought I'd try making gingerbread men instead. I got a my standard recipe and left out the brown sugar and replaced the golden syrup with glucose syrup (and only used half as much.)  The mixture ended up far too crumbly to make gingerbread men from, so I pressed it into a tin and called it slice (slice is a great catch-all term.) I iced it with dextrose, butter and passionfruit icing and am pleased to report that it's fantastic. I'll be making it again.

How to make it

melt 250g butter with
3 tablespoons glucose syrup

Cool briefly, then add
2 egg yolks

Mix in
4 cups plain flour
6 teaspoons ginger

Press into tin
Bake in moderate oven

Ice with melted butter, dextrose and passionfruit.


  1. Time for a Masterchef audition, perhaps?

  2. Nice when something goes 'wrong' but ends up a serendipitous success.

    We once tried out an odd chocolate cake recipe that didn't work (not sure if it was the amount of oil or a dodgy oven but it refused to cook through after several hours). We called it 'chocolate surprise' and it was still a slice-y sort of way. Maybe we should have just labelled it 'slice' - will have to remember that one.