Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is this too vanilla?

Remember Him

1. Remember him
who walked the path
unto the cross
in place of us
Remember him
his sweat and pain
For through his death
we live, we live again.

Take this bread
Feed on him
Glory in
Forgiven sin
Drink with us
The wine of life
Remember him:
Remember Jesus Christ

2. Remember when
the earth turned dark
All work complete
he breathed his last
The contract signed 
in tears and blood
Christ bowed his head
and bought our hearts for God

3. Remember him
lest we forget
the cost of our
Or we forget
that we are free
The death he died
is life, is life for me!

sar 2013


  1. Sounds fine to me. By vanilla, are you asking us if we think it's too bland??

    I'm always looking for something new to play during Lord's Supper distribution so if it gets off the ground with a tune, I'll play it :)

  2. Replies
    1. I got the word 'vanilla' from Anthony in a comment on an earlier song. He was worried that this topic (the cross) would lead to me (and others) writing a whole lot of songs charting the same old territory.

    2. ah.. ok.. no, I don't think this is 'vanilla' I think it's a helpful reflection.

  3. Lol. I had no trouble with the word vanilla, and now I know why!

    No, it's not vanilla. The 'who' at the end of v.2 is grammatically ok, but still a bit odd...

    I like that it emphasises remembrance; I fear, though, that it's too specific in usage. I have the same problem with 'Up From the Grave He Arose' - too hard to sing any day other than Easter Sunday. Communion songs...hard to teach them a few weeks in a row, and then even if you have learned them, it's tough to not flog them. We do communion roughly monthly, and it'd be awful to use the same song each time.

    That's just my problem though. If I were at a once-a-week church, this would be helpful.

    1. That 'who' should be an 'and'

    2. Fixed. Jus a typo. Really, it was.

  4. I know! Write a non-communion chorus, get two songs for the price of one ;-)

    I don't think it's ever been done before - you could be a pioneer!

    1. Good idea! I'd only have to change a few words...

  5. I like that it is not just remembrance, but also participatory, like in the Bible and the BCP: 'feed on him in your hearts by faith'!