Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 thoughts about work at the end of term 1

1. Despite the groundhog day thing (I repeat the same lesson twelve times every week!) I like my new job. I've picked up a third day of work which I'm enjoying as well. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I teach preps and year 1s. On Thursdays I do a variety of things.
2. I like teaching a class twice a week. They learn so much more. Next term I'm trying to arrange things so that I see the preps three times a week - for 2 music lessons and a choir session. This is one step closer to the ideal... (ideal = music lessons every day!)
3. I love working in a place where there is a culture of not whinging. Everyone teaching in my school feels thankful to be there so no one complains.
4. Next term I'm hoping to start a boys choir. Repertoire suggestions? Maybe some Chisel?
5. I really really really want a piano in my classroom. I really really do. Really. Because I'm the second music teacher, working in a regular classroom (that I've made my own) there is no piano. But I want one. What can I do?


  1. My ten year old has started humming Spandau Ballet's 'True'. Could work?

    But Chisels: Forever Now; Choir Girl; Flame Trees; When the War is Over.

    I'd love to hear that. Every Dad in town would come to listen.

  2. Paul Kelly or Crowded House for your boys' choir.

    And I think you should pray about the piano :)