Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prayer for a minister

Prayer for a Christian friend who is a paid minister of the gospel

Dear Father,

You have given ___________ the task of shepherding your people. By your spirit, make him competent for this task. Allow him to preach your word with clarity and conviction so that your people are built up in the faith. 

Steel his mind and will against the snares of the devil. Keep him from disbelief, from discontent, from envy, from lust, from despair, from pride, from anxiety, from prayerlessness, from distraction, from laziness and from factionalism. Guard his tongue from error, from slander and from carelessness. 

Give him a quick mind and an open heart. Bless him with an increasing knowledge and love of Jesus. Help him to be eager to hear to your word, fast to repent of sin and full of love for others that he may grow to be like the chief shepherd, Jesus Christ.


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  1. A good series Simone.
    I like the idea of writing then out as the practice of praying.
    To help one make them considered prayers.

    one for music teams maybe?