Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shores of Hope

Justification: Today I have done a gym class, made two meals for my family (tonight and tomorrow), played viola (quite a bit and had a lesson), gone for a run, played with the kids, written (and re-written) a song....

What I want to write about: ... and read an Inspirational Historical Romance.

This one was called Shores of Hope. As opposed to The Sure Hope that I read the other day.

Through this novel I discovered that love involves sacrifice.

Beautiful Sarah falls in love with David (a worthy Christian man) then stupidly marries Jonathan (an unworthy sinner) when she thinks that David has married someone else. They meet up at church few weeks after Sarah's wedding and both are miserable. They declare their love for each other, but vow to be godly. (David slips up by hanging around outside Sarah house (stalker style) but it's okay because he is just praying for her.) As in any Christian romance, love has to find a way. It's hard for love to find a way while Jonathan is alive, so poor Jonathan is sacrificed. After a couple of months, he gets sick and dies (he becomes a Christian on his deathbed) and Sarah and David get married and live happily ever after.

[David also happens to be rich.]

I'm sorry.

If I had a daughter, I'd rather that she read Twilight.


  1. David and Jonathan? Really? Does that make Sarah the throne of Israel in some metaphorical thing that still doesn't make sense?

    An odd title. I'll argue for Thrones of Hope making a better fit ;-)

  2. Oops. Thrones of Soap. I was too busy concentrating on the HTML.

  3. I know. David and Jonathan. [shakes head.]

  4. Ahahaha! Simone, please keep reading Bad Christian Historical Romance - your posts about it are cracking me up!

  5. Sob. Sniff. It's just so wonderful. It all worked out in the end just like I knew it would. Sniff. Sniff. Ain't perfectly unrealistic love grand?

    But, no, I wouldn't rather my daughter read Twilight.

  6. But that is the plot to Twilight, isn't it?
    (Less biting, I imagine.)

  7. Never mind that 'being Godly' probably wouldn't involve declaring your lust for / crush on a man other than your husband, never mind the stalking. Was D praying for S to be released from her terrible mistake in marrying J? Never mind all the things she could have learnt about true love by being married to J for years.

    I'd rather a daughter read Philipa Carr / Jean Plaidy / Victoria Holt - at least those aren't marketted as 'Christian' and they might pick up some European history to boot.

  8. I wish I'd known about this church library when we were going to Cairns Presbyterian would have been lovely to come home after an awful day of work to read such enthralling stuff.

    Still not sure I would want my daughter to read Twilight instead though...

  9. I found a good one while cleaning out our bookcase. I've since thrown it out. But I'd rather L read that than Twilight. Sorry.