Friday, February 22, 2013

Cairns weather

I love it.

People kept on telling us how dreadful it would be etc etc, but it's really good.

You don't notice the heat and humidity (which aren't all that bad) when you are in air conditioning - as we are all day at school/work/church/shops... and home if we want.

It is always warm enough to swim and apparently February is as bad as it gets.

So there prophets of doom!


  1. March to September in Cairns is awesome. That was the time we were there and I think it rained only once, and I wore a jumper for one day. No winter chills!!

  2. We're thinking of visiting next year on our way back to Brissie...last time we came through mid-year the weather was fantastic.

  3. Hmm, after three years in Townsville I am not altogether sure I believe you, but we didn't have air-conditioning everywhere, and I am not that fussed on whether or not I can swim.

  4. Cairns weather is better than Townsville's. It rains here and that cools things down.

    And there really is a lot more AC around now.

  5. My parents' place in Cairns still has no aircon and no pool :O (Luxury..!)