Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thanks for your prayers

The last couple of days have been much better for Joel.

On day one, Joel's teacher (who is great) told the boys in her class that she never wanted to see Joel by himself. They must all look after him. This was lovely of her, but Joel has found it torturous. It seems that the boys in his class are noobs - both online and in the classroom. And they like to play tiggy all lunch time, despite the 36 degree heat. Joel is non-sporty (read: lazy) and likes to talk about things like books and computer games and ideas. His classmates took their job of looking after Joel very seriously and haven't left him alone at all. For the first time ever, Joel has come to dread lunch times even wishing he could be on detention.

But by Thursday he had developed an escape strategy. When the kids all split up for gang up tiggy, Joel hides in the air conditioned library. No one thinks to look there, so he can sit happily through the whole break and think about his pet project - he's trying to work out a way to generate infinite electricity. A bonus is that a different kind of kid can be found in the library. There's a boy in the class next door who likes to read books about Science. A potential friend?

So things are looking up.

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  1. Arrrgghh. What is it with tiggy? My daughter is in year 6 and many of her classmates play tiggy at lunchtime too. Unfortunately at our school, each year level only has ONE allocated day at the library. And the classrooms are locked at lunch time. So she spends most of her time siting outside the classroom by herself drawing or reading. They are not allowed to go to the library unless its their allocated day. Seriously I lived at the library as a kid. I just don't understand this stupid policy.