Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This is what my life has come to...

Okay, so I may have just swapped one time wasting activity for another.

Our new church has a library. It seems to largely consist of Christian novels. I took two books home. The first turned out to be a thinly disguised pro-life tract. A Christian couple are distressed to hear of their prodigal son's sudden death, but when they investigate the life he was living they discover that he had a girlfriend (Starlight) who is in the early stages of pregnancy. Unfortunately Starlight is considering abortion. I think if you make it through to the end of the book (I didn't) you'll find that the baby survives and that Starlight comes to faith. Just a hunch.

The other book I brought home contains four complete novels in one volume. Bonus! It describes them as Inspirational Historical Romances. I read one particularly inspiring story called 'The Sure Promise'. The sure promise was that God will right our fortunes and send us Prince Charming.

I think it might be time to turn Spider Solitaire back on!


  1. I don't know that I'd run screaming back to Spider Solitaire just yet....how's the viola practice going?

    Perhaps you should sneak a few of the dodgier novels off to the local op shop and gradually restock the library with some better reading material?

  2. Surely getting into the habit of losing library books remains a worthier pastime!

  3. Remember one of the key principles of Christian romance novel writing is that every character, no matter how obscure, needs to find love. Mentioned in chapter 7 and then disappears from the plot? Don't worry by chapter 14 we'll find a lonesome widower from out of town for you.

  4. Having recently been to a pro-life rally with limited turnout, I'll have to say you managed to get my goat and I can't resist biting this time. Frankly, I would much rather someone read a "thinly disguised pro-life tract" and be encouraged to act against unnecessary abortions or hope in God's power to save and change lives, than that they spend time reading Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey etc (or play Spider Solitaire!)