Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I like my job!

Today I claimed a spare classroom as my own.

It is a good size and has 2 big air conditioners.

I'm a squatter, but if no one says anything in the next week, I'm going to decorate and and fill the cupboards.

I won't mind teaching the same lesson 12 times in a row if I can do it in my own room! (Actually, if I'm in my own room with all of my resources, I won't ever teach the same lesson 12 times in a row. Or even 3. But if I have to travel and only take what I can carry, I kind of have to.)

Anyway, good times ahead!


  1. There was a spare room, and you were left peripatetic??!! That's crazy. As if you'd ask a science teacher to carry their lab around with them!

    If anyone asks, tell 'em Mr Douglas said you should have the room. It might work ;-)