Thursday, February 28, 2013

This morning...

... I ran 3 miles (? km) in 80 degree heat and 500% humidity. A half hour soak in our cool shaded swimming pool wasn't enough to stop the sweat.

Note to self - 9am is too late for a jog.

Next week I should wait the extra half hour and do a class at the gym.


  1. That's what we love about NZ, for most of the year it is cool enough to run even in the middle of the day! (although lately I've seen a few mad Hamiltonians forgetting that on summer days when the temperature is reaching isn't the best idea)

  2. About 4.5 km, I think that is? Is it any cooler/less humid if you get up and jog earlier? If no, then I think the gym (air conditioned, I assume?) is a much better choice....

    1. 9am was really stupid. I made the decision while sitting under a fan in my bedroom. I honestly didn't even think of the heat. On the way out the door I grabbed a hat. I think I would have expired without it!

      6am or 7am or maybe even 8am would have been fine.