Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Sunday on church music

I played piano in church today for the first time since the 16th of December. I've missed it.

We practiced for a couple of hours yesterday morning. It was piano, violin, drums (for one song) and 4 vocalists and I think we sounded pretty good. We sang Come People Of The Risen King, How Great Thou Art, Ten Thousand Reasons and How Deep The Father's Love For Us. Cairns PC has some lovely singers - the harmonies were beautiful! I'm looking forward to where we can go from here.

What did you sing in church this morning?


  1. Embarrassed to admit that I had already forgotten four of the songs we did (today was my first Sunday not playing piano for a while) but fortunately our order of service is still posted in Dropbox so I just checked ;)

    Beautiful Saviour, God Is Working His Purpose Out (one of the other talented musicians on our team has written a new tune to some old words with this one), Before the Throne of God Above, Live for The Kingdom and Let Your Kingdom Come.

    Big like to all of those :)

  2. Undivided, Amazing Grace, My Lord You Wore No Royal Crown, This is the Victory, May the Mind of Christ. MLYWNRC might have an unwieldy title and tune, but those lyrics!

  3. Come Praise & Glorify, Praise Him (for the first time), How Great Thou Art (Digital Age version, for the first time), Love Came Down, Ears to Hear.

  4. Great songs, glad it went well!

    We did these with 2 acoustic guitars, piano, and a cajon.