Saturday, February 16, 2013

Performance enhancing drugs?

I admit it. I've used Beta Blockers in the past and I'll probably use them again. They work a treat.



  1. For me, nerves are a mind game, and tend to arise when I'm worried about what someone or some people will think, and it's that focus that can become problematic for me. I know it sounds twee, but the gospel actually really helps me remember that my worth is not caught up in my performance.

    Did you see this:,simon-says-i-admit-to-doping.aspx ? Some took it seriously, which was amusing.

  2. beta-blockers - work a treat to slow the heart rate over a long time period but I wouldn't expect them to be an instant reaction drug (based on how they worked for me post heart op and how long it took to be 'weaned' off them).