Sunday, November 6, 2011

Twilight Running Festival

I'm going to do this. 10km race on the 18th March next year.

I know I can run 10kms, but I'm so slow. Yesterday I did 10kms in 1.19 which is pathetic. I might as well have walked it. My aim is to get it closer to an hour. Andrew thinks I can do it. I'm unsure. The training diary I've downloaded says I need to run 3-4 times a week - generally one long run, 1-2 40min runs, and one speed session where I go hard for a minute or two six times.

Anyone else want to join me? It's good to have a goal. This is quite a nice event. Sunday afternoon. Andrew did it last year (in like 42 minutes!)


  1. I was imagining this as a vampiric event.

  2. Do it. You've got lots of time. You can get it down to an hour in that time. I'd love to that one day but I feel nervous about commiting because I don't think I could fit consistent enough training in. Life goes pear shaped too often!