Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Slap

I've been watching this. Not sure what I think. The main thing that's stood out has been that sex takes about 20 seconds. Efficient.

Anyone else watched it?


  1. I've only watched bits of the first one (only up to part one over here). And I thought it was an excellent way of raising lots of issues and from different perspectives.

    But as much as I love Australian drama, I again felt like there were a bunch of individuals with points of connection in an endless dance of dis-connection. (Like Lantana and Cosi, for example). It just makes me ache!

    But I'll probably watch the lot & feel proud anyway. :)

  2. We are too. Striking how much seeing something from a character's POV can make you dislike them more. I think I might be prepared to have Hector's dad at a bbq, but I think that's it.

  3. Have tried to watch it. And I read the book a while ago. Haven't really enjoyed either of them. I think the whole sexual tension underlying everything is what's annoying me.

  4. I'm watching it and will probably watch it to the end just to satisfy my curiosity. The acting is terrific, but most of the characters are completely unlikable.

  5. Watched most of it so far and intend to watch to the end.

    Likes: Great acting, interesting situation and interesting to see everyone's perspective and lives interacting.

    Dislikes: Can't stand the need for unnecessary sex to be shown so often and likewise struck by how short it is.

  6. It is better than the book. The book was unrelentingly awful. At least with the show I can look at the nice houses or what the actress is wearing or how they've done their hair or wonder if I look that old. Obviously I'm easily distracted. I think the actors are great - they chose good people.

    But what is with the sex? Have they not heard of being subtle? Or mystery? It feels a bit like 'ooo, look we're grown up, we have sex (in uncomfortable places), we take drugs (at family parties), look at us, we're like sooo cool and funky and laid back, yeah, like don't you so want to be like us?' Umm - no, you all look a bit like you're 15 and kind of forgot to grow up.

  7. @Jenny...too funny! I think you've summed up why I can't seem to stop watching even though everyone in it is horrible (finishing the book was an ordeal but at least some of the actors on the TV are a little more interesting).

    When it comes to the end of each episode, I just end up thinking there are probably far better and more worthwhile things I could have spent my time doing....

  8. That kind of novel writing reminds me so much of undergrad uni students (especially the English department) and the rubbish that used to get published in the Uni magazine. We are SO cool about sex and drugs. But completely unlikable.