Thursday, November 10, 2011

a lame excuse

I walked past the swimming pool at school today. Micah's teacher called me over. She was very unimpressed. Micah was sitting out of swimming. His excuse, "I have to do my homework this afternoon and if I go swimming now I'll be too tired to do it."



It's 3.30 and Micah has just finished his homework. Five minutes ago he asked Andrew and I to go away and leave him alone so he could work.

Again, no.

We feel we're in uncharted territory. Not had a child defiant in this particular way before.


  1. Really Simone, you've never encountered defiance like this with your kids? I've lived a different parenting life obviously.

  2. Ha! I have one very similar to that. Mine's 7 going on 8.

  3. Wendy - I've encountered plenty of defiance. But the other boys tend to be the 'I'm not doing my homework!' type defiance. The others try to get us into conversation as a way of procrastinating during homework time rather than asking us to leave.

    Deb - mine is 7 going on 8 as well!

  4. Not sure I really understand, then.

  5. When he asked you to leave was he actually working?

  6. I think she should be thankful he asked her to leave and didn't yell at her to leave, like has happened to me many a time.

  7. He sounds a little stressed and anxious to me.