Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

What was that?

Comedy? Romance? Horror?


It was like the producer read the book and thought, Oh man. What do I do with this? I can't produce something this sentimental and still respect myself. Maybe... these lines were meant to be funny... Yes, that's it! Comedy! And there were some lovely comic spots that provided nice relief from all the syrup. I wanted them to continue.

Then there were moments of horror. Like the cake made out of corpses. I quite liked that. And I had no problems with the blood bits at the end either.

The romance really was a bit hard to take. So corny. But laid on nowhere near as thick as the book, so I shouldn't complain. The nervous Bella walking down the aisle was tough for us all.

The werewolves were better done than in the past. Still not good, but almost scary at a couple of points. The wolf dialogue scene was really bad. Embarrassingly so.

Rosalie - the incarnation of beauty - was not. At points she kind of looked masculine.

Did you notice how pieces of music from the other movies came back in this one? It was good at first, then became a bit much.

The main odd thing about this movie was that the narrative wasn't nicely shaped. There wasn't really a climax. They tried to make one with some wolf conflict,  but it was all resolved a bit fast. Then they tried for a volturi cliff hanger half way through the credits. They needn't have bothered. We'll all be back for more next year anyway.

Yeah, I enjoyed it. 2.5/5? 3?


  1. Ah this made me laugh. Your whole review is negative then at the end you admit you enjoyed it!

    I totally agree about Rosalie, that actress is beautiful in a suntanned way in real life, but whiten her skin a bit and her brows look too dark. I thought she was supposed to be pale and beautiful.

  2. Me and E are off to see it tomoz. I'm pumped. It's amazing how much you can enjoy something when your expectations of its' quality are low.

    thanks for the heads up- I'll try to time the aisle walk with a wee break.

  3. Any thoughts on the birth scene? Do I have it right that it is in this movie?

  4. I had no issues with the birth scene. So there's blood.

  5. I was a late-comer to the Twilight saga, but I read all the books before seeing the films, and became a fan.

    The book "Breaking Dawn" was so enthralling and involving but I found the film a let down. It's ridiculous to make people wait a year before seeing Part 2. It's not like Part 2 is being made now. It's completed, so it should be shown sooner, and that will be it. No more Twilight. Sad.

  6. 2.5?

    We loved it. Crap in many, many ways, but still thoroughly enjoyable.

    Agree on Rosalie. Who's the bloke with the brownish wig?

    And we were pretty much the only ones left in the audience when that bit came on in the credits. I don't get why people rush off so quick, when it's so standard these days for there to be extra bits post credits.

  7. Ben - I'm waiting for your full review!

  8. Okay, I've written my review. I needed to give it the time it deserved.