Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Diver Dan is about to leave Pearl Bay.

First time I saw it I was distraught.



  1. Yes, that's right up there with the very very best of astonishing casting solutions to what would have appeared an absolutely intractable problem. Who would have thought anyone could recover from that?!

  2. After 6 episodes, Diver Dan seemed weedy and undesirable.

    Yep. Remarkable.

  3. I found Diver Dan absolutely unbearable from the start! Loved Max, of course. Did you see that William McInnis' wife Sarah Watt, who directed the wonderful Look Both Ways, has just died? Very sad.

  4. I always thought that Diver Dan was too wishy washy. Max was a much stronger type. But I also am a great fan of William McInnes, so I may be biased. And I have enjoyed David Wenham in other things, I watched Oranges and Sunshine recently and thought he did a good job in that movie :)