Saturday, November 26, 2011

5 advantages of monastic life

1. It is life in community. There would be lots of people around all the time. I like this.
2. I could take a vow of silence for 6 hours a day. Bliss!
3. Enforced prayer times.
4. Lots of community singing.
5. No gingerbread house events.


  1. I dunno - the gingerbread houses look pretty cool. Do you buy gingerbread slabs already made or did you have to make them as well?

  2. Laetitia - you buy them from a very nice lady on the gold coast, in our case. And Simone, I will take some of the load off you next year. Good excuse to do Christmas shopping in Brisbane!

  3. Four gingerbread houses would be a lot to have to eat afterwards....
    But how did your gingerbread house talk go??