Friday, September 16, 2011

yesterday was a hellish day

7.30am - kids start arriving at our place to get picked up for music camp
8.00am - N and M go to school
8:20am - Music camp kids leave
8:30am - decide not to panic about day ahead. Breathe...
9:00am - Go hang out with friend who has beautiful new baby (this is a good bit. Not stress bit.)
11.30am - Meet good friend visiting from Mackay. Chat and drive her to her next destination (this is a good bit. Not stress bit.)
1.30pm - Decide not to stress about what needs to happen from here.
1.45pm - Go to school to see principal who needs to fill in and sign forms to for my already expired teacher's reg. Find out I need to submit all my long, medium and short term planning (!) and have her watch my lessons before she signs the forms. Try not to panic. Call the registration place to try to ask for an extension of reg. to allow for this. Try not to panic when realise this will be tricky. Curse myself and wonder how much money my formophobia will cost me this time. Decide not to think about it.
2.30pm - Start writing lesson plans.
2.45pm - Kids home from school. Need to get completely organised for school ball then take Nathan with me to watch Joel's 2 hour end of music camp concert in city, then get Joel dressed for ball and walk to ball from music camp venue (thankfully very close). Start getting Joel's costume packed up while doing afternoon tea etc.
3.10pm - Nathan declares that he has nothing to wear to the ball. I made Joel's costume weeks ago and asked Nathan but he said he didn't want one. Now he needs new clothes to wear (this is true. He does.) Start to lecture him for his pathetic disorganisation then stop, realising that I am in no position to lecture anyone on this topic.
3.15pm - Grab all ball gear and rush Nathan to shops. Buy something.
4.10pm - arrive 10 minutes late to the concert. Stress that I've missed Joel's bit. Realise I haven't. Relax.
6.00pm - Concert finishes. Try to find Joel (there are 400 kids)
6.15pm - Find Joel v. sad because he's lost his clarinet ligature. D'oh. Comfort him by saying that we'll be able to buy a new one. Don't stress etc. Walk (long distance) to car to get robed up for ball. Joel still upset.
6.30pm - Realise we don't have Joel's costume after all. Need to drive home (peak hour). Ball begins at 7. Kids are meant to arrive at 6.30. Joel increasingly agitated.
6.45pm - In traffic jam. Joel tells us that he hasn't eaten since 10am. He feels sick. Has headache and sore tummy (and many tears.) Call Andrew. Ask him to meet us with costume and food outside our house.
6:53pm - Arrive home. Grab stuff. Leave. Joel distressed. Give Nathan task of giving him food. Few lollies to start with, then bread and water.
7:10 - Arrive at ball. Throw Joel's costume on. Wack some paint on his face. Joel was so pale it looked like he already had his face painted. Hope that he survives the night. Try to look calmish.
9:00 - Arrive home. Ball was really good. Bible Study finishing at our place. Chat to people.
9:30 - 2 ladies (aged 70 and 80) leave. 80 year old slips and falls down 8 steps (concrete) landing on 70 year old. Fear the worst. Pray.
10.30 - 70 year old (dear brave woman - didn't complain at all) has broken wrist. Husband arrives to take her to hospital. 80 year old very shaken but seems to have only cuts and bruises. Andrew goes with her to medical centre (closed) then waits with her at her home for doctor to arrive.
1:30am - Andrew arrives home
3:00am - I'm awake thinking about teacher's reg. debacle and wondering why I'm so pathetic.
5:30am - Decide to do some lesson planning instead of stressing.
7:30am - Submit short, medium and long term planning for year!


  1. Amen.

    Jo - Hope your days are improving.

  2. Such a bad day. I'll that the women heal quickly. I hope the rego stuff continues to work out.

    I also got to meet with visiting friend from Mackay. Good times.

  3. OH WOW. The stress. That's a really big day.

  4. Praying you'll have a good night's sleep tonight. Can't believe you survived all that....

  5. Thanks for giving me a couple of hours anyway. You are brave.