Friday, September 16, 2011


I think you should all come to Twist music ministry conference next month. Piper Schmiper. This conference is where it's at. Here's a letter we're sending out to people. There's Brisbane conference too. Already 100 registered for the pastor's conference (thanks Anthony!)

Dear Friends, 
As you might have heard, Emu Music is bringing songwriter and author, Bob Kauflin, to Sydney on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October as part of TWIST Conference 2011. Bob heads up the music ministry of the Sovereign Grace Churches in the USA. His influence in contemporary church music across the world (through songs like 'O Great God' and 'Let Your Kingdom Come,' and his book and blog ‘Worship Matters’) is characterised by a deep commitment to Biblical truth and a desire to see Christians sing that truth with passion. I have not met anyone in the world as thought out about contemporary Biblical church music as Bob is. And on top of that he has an infectious love of Christ and is an inspiring leader of God’s people whether in song or when teaching.
Emu has been going 10 years now – and has had a vision from day one to equip your church with songs of the Word – both true and relevant and with a focus on Jesus and his gospel. The TWIST conferences have built on this – by taking your musos and song leaders and grounding them in a right theology of church and worship and giving them the practical skills to lead their congregations with skill and passion. This year, I believe, is our most exciting ever. And with the bonus of having Bob Kauflin we have included for the first time a Friday pastors conference – so that you can think through the issues of music and emotional response from the perspective of being the church leader. If you have not thought much about this vital ministry of the Word, or are looking for new inspiration for your services, or are maybe just frustrated with the singing in your church – then this day should not be missed.

So why I am writing? To get you to come to our pastor’s day, your musos to the music ministry training on Saturday and your whole church to our evening session on Saturday night. Faithful and engaging singing in church is the responsibility of us all. And TWISTCON11 is about encouraging all Christians to celebrate, share and remember the gospel in song. Our main event is for every member of your church and will be packed with awesome teaching, singing and response to 'the Word of Christ'.
I am so confident that your music team and church members will find TWIST to be revolutionary for their ministries in your church, that if they come back unmoved I will give them a refund!
So what and when:
Friday 7th October, 10am-3pm: Pastor’s Conference (Village Church Annandale)Saturday 8th October, 1pm-5pm: Music Ministry Training (City Recital Hall, Angel Place)Saturday 8th October, 7pm: TWIST Main Event (City Recital Hall, Angel Place) - for your whole church
Check out for all the other details.
Or register now:


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  1. Um, that's okay...but I don't think it was because they all heard that I was coming!