Tuesday, September 6, 2011

note to humanity: posting comments on fb event pages

Take notice facebookers. If you're invited to an event that you hope goes well and you wish you could attend (but can't), please help the organisers by not telling the whole world that you are not going. It makes it look like a loser function if all the comments on the page are people saying how they are not attending. If you feel you need to explain yourself, send a private message. If you really wanted to help you could forward the invite to any friends who might be interested. Or you could do nothing at all. That would be fine. Just don't post negative things on the event wall. Okay?


  1. What are you supposed to do? Just click "not attending" and say nothing?

  2. Depends what kind of event it is.

    If it's a conference or something, fb is just a method of advertising it. No one is counting fb rsvps as rsvps. I think, just leave it. Say nothing. If it's a personal birthday party or something, then it might be different.

  3. Ah, I see. Yes, I actually have this beef about people not RSVPing to real/personal events, but if it's a conferency thing, then that is different.