Friday, September 2, 2011

New Song!

I'm working on a song. It still needs a final verse, and a tune, and a good edit. But I'm pleased with how it's looking so far. 10 points for whoever can pick the book of the bible I'm basing it on.

The Hour Has Come

The hour has come
The word in flesh appeared
Shining light into the darkness.
God sent his son,
Spoke into our despair,
Became one with his creation.
The Holy God
Is now made known
The hungry fed, the broken hearted whole.
The hour has come,
The great I Am is here,
Oh may every soul receive him.

The hour has come
The Son is glorified
See him lifted high, exalted.
Behold our king,
His arms held open wide,
As he draws all nations to him.
A wooden cross,
His throne of pain,
Ashamed we turn away from him.
The hour has come,
Salvation has arrived,
With a cry of ‘it is finished!’

Though night be long,
And sorrows drown the day,
There is joy tomorrow waiting.
The deepest griefs,
That tears can’t wash away,
Can be turned at morn’s appearing.
Behold his hands, his side, his feet!
Put doubts to rest, oh heart believe!
Jesus is here,
Our Lord is raised to life
Oh may every soul receive him.

sar 2011


  1. 'And sorrows drown the day'...was that your googled line of originality? (There can't be many other contenders in there, I've read them somewhere else before...somewhere in the NT, or something...)

  2. M - thanks. 10 points.

    Anthony - No. The line I googled may find its way into verse 4 or may be held for another song. Good thinking though!

  3. As long as the word "googled" doesn't end up in there, I think it's great.

  4. I like it. Shades of never alone.