Friday, September 2, 2011

google is a gift

So I wrote this line and I really liked it. Then I thought, 'Bet I've just copied it from some other song.' And I sat dejected.

Then I thought, 'Maybe I did make it up. I know, I'll google it.'

So I googled it. It seems that my line doesn't exist online. That means that I haven't ripped it off any hymn or published song. It is mine.

Google saved me a week of wondering and (if I had stolen it) a lawsuit.

Thank you google. May you forge ahead in world domination. Here. Have access to all my emails and private documents.


  1. I have a counter-example, that your readership might be able to help me with. There is a poem about the stillness in the middle of the night, and how the whole world seems stalled, and then there is a mere breath of wind, a movement of leaves.
    'Its the sound of the North wind, (?)
    who is going to fetch the sun, (?)
    and though the night is at its blackest, (?)
    you know that the morning's begun.' (?)
    I can't find who wrote it or the full poem.