Monday, September 19, 2011

Media Free Monday

Before I went to the gym this morning, I unplugged the TV, removed the power board, hid the computer mouse and keyboard and took away the kids' iPod. I stuck 'Welcome to Media Free Monday' signs around the house.

When I got home at 7.30, the signs had (predictably) been altered. Joel greeted me with palm cards and a prepared speech debating 'that we should be able to play computer games.' He argued that computer games benefit both the individual and the community, asserting that they teach valuable life skills and are an outlet for creativity and that they 'enhance' friendships, giving children common interests and the chance to work together...

Micah and Nathan had already had a game of ticket to ride and were busy with lego.

Right now they are jumping on top of each other. Waiting for one of them to find me on the computer and  declare 'Media Free Monday' over.

School Holidays! Enjoy!


  1. Probably too late since by now I guess you have unplugged everything again, but I have just been informed that today is the official "talk like a pirate" day if you are in search of other media-free distractions :) See

  2. very funny. we'll try the tech detox by being somewhere for 4 nights with enough solar electricity to power lights for a few hours at night. have a good road trip.