Monday, September 19, 2011

brilliant day!

Media free Monday was a hit. No whinge all day (after the initial unbelief that everything was switched off!) The kids made boardgames and we played them together. We went swimming. I did jobs.

We follow up tomorrow with Two Hour Tuesday. E-devices on between 3 and 5pm.


  1. On our recent 11 week summer holidays we had screen-time days, Wednesdays and weekends. Then only for about 1/2 an hour each. Granted, they often watched TV on other days, but computer use was limited to those three days a week. Very few complaints.

  2. If only 'media free Monday' had been the same in our house. My seven year old threw an enormous tantrum today about not being allowed to watch T.V. Unfortunately she also threw the remote control - which I am now trying to piece back together (I'm actually on round 2 repair - first repair did not work.)

    It's looking as though the whole month will be media free - or at least DVD and Wii free.