Thursday, March 31, 2011

what faith looks like

Imagine a rough and dangerous, ocean with little old me in it getting tossed around. Not much fun, but there's a rope coming down from the far east. It's secured to something pretty solid in the far distance. I hold onto the rope. However big the waves get, I can stay above water. I even use the rope to pull myself closer to whatever's holding it.

Faith is the rope. It joins us to Jesus. If we hold onto it, we won't go under and will eventually reach the shore.


  1. Sounds a whole lot better to me than being in that ocean on my own. Great imagery.

  2. More often than not I'm too angry and frustrated with the rope burn to consider what I'm headed towards, and what my end would be if I just let go. A bit of rope burn is nothing in the scheme of things.