Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beyond Horizons

1. Beyond horizons faith can see
Into a distant land
Across the ocean waits for me
My home, my promised land

My eyes look only on today
But faith can see a world away

2. The faithful old of long ago
Glimpsed from afar her shores
They longed for her as for a home
That they had known before

So faithfully their footsteps trod
Still searching for the land of God

Beyond horizons, across the oceans
Faith sees more than life today
By faith we know that a land is waiting
Where all tears are wiped away
So today we take our cross and bare
All things for joy will meet us there.
Beyond horizons.

3. Beyond horizons Jesus saw
A land of pure delight
And for its sake he gave up all
For us in sacrifice

In faith he knew that God would save
His soul, his body from the grave.

sar 2011

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