Wednesday, March 9, 2011

turned over a new leaf.

For the common good it seems I need to learn how to be a good-girl blogger.

Be more careful about everything I write.

So I will. For the rest of the morning at least.

Speaking of leaves, here's one up close.

Isn't it great? Fearfully and wonderfully made. Like me.


  1. I implore you, don't.

    Keep the spots, leopard.

  2. This is the worst news that I have had all day. Please take that pony picture down... :((( And stop this... Isn't it interesting that perceptions of a 'good girl' are somewhat, how do I put it, infantalised... And also robbed of any personal agency.

    You are ruining my day!!


  3. Leave her alone! I think any efforts on our part to change the situation will be in vein (vain.)