Friday, March 11, 2011


Joel takes enormous pride in his long fingernails. He wants them to be like Granny's. Unfortunately, he also likes to play in the dirt. Not a good combination.

Last night I insisted that they be cut. I told him to go get the nail clippers. He said, "That's like making Jesus carry his own cross."


  1. There's another joke in here...perhaps "He Chose the Nails".

    Get him to learn guitar, problem solved!

  2. Anthony, you need help. Do these puns just occur to you?

  3. They do, I'm afraid. Pity those in front of the pulpit!

    This week, Jeremiah 1 via Dylan's Times They are a-Changin', next week Jeremiah 6 via Jeremiah was a Bullfrog (and looking back on the skipped chapters under the heading 'Some Mighty Fine Whine').

    Consider it pure joy...

  4. Guitar? Doesn't that mean he can still have long nails on one hand?