Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 things a good-girl blogger would blog about

1. God's goodness
2. Flowers
3. Ponies
4. God's goodness in making flowers
5. God's goodness in making ponies


  1. Someone been criticizing your blog? Please don't start posting about ponies or flowers, I think we're all grown-ups here!

  2. ..Except for the pony, Jo, who isn't quite grown as yet.

    Blogdom can become a bit polite and dull for my liking. I like a lil' ol' bit o' rebellion now and then.

  3. I missed the criticism too? I'm here because you don't blog about that sort of stuff.
    I think that "homemaking tips" should be on this list....and now I am going to run and hide because that comment might attract criticism...

  4. Are you becoming an "I'm fine-You're fine" plastic woman?
    Please don't!!

  5. I think you are becoming anti-controversial to be controversial. Did someone tell you your blog is getting boring again?