Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 bad jobs this afternoon

- write a sunday school lesson (a very tricky one)
- set up direct debit for my phone
- call insurance company.

I don't want to do any of them. Especially the last two, but I have to or I'll have no phone and will be summoned to court. My heart is beating way too fast. I can do this.


  1. Hope you got them done. And that now the pain is over with, you can get on with more fun stuff.

  2. You'll be in court because you haven't paid the phone bill? I'm hoping it's that innocuous; not sure I want to know if not. :-)

  3. Andrew was involved in minor accident a few weeks ago. His fault - backed into a car. Insurance is in my name so I have to call our insurance. Time has slipped away - got a letter asking us to do it immediately. All dealt with now.

    New phone. First bill 2 days late. Direct debit now set up. All good.

    Sunday school lesson written as well!

  4. Noice that you got them all done. I need to write myself a list of all the tedious chores I have to do.

  5. Yes, lists are really awesome! I need one too!