Tuesday, March 1, 2011

don't you wish you had a fun job like mine?

Thanks for your choir suggestions. I now have heaps of ideas.

I've just written an arrangement of When The War Is Over. I'm going to try a slow a reflective style. 2 part. 3 part sometime. Vocal soloey bit at the end over the top of the 3 part Aint Nobodies. Ooh ooh - that makes 4 parts! And the kids are only 10! (But these harmonies are easy.) Saxophone solo in the middle?

Fun times. Unfortunately there is a 'walk to school' breakfast on tomorrow morning so it'll be a shorter rehearsal than usual. Priorities guys!


  1. I'm very envious, I'd love to be there doing it too!

  2. Well, I would love a job like yours if I could sing and arrange music....until then I'll just keep hanging out with the unco-ordinated little people and their families...
    Love the song choice though!