Thursday, March 10, 2011

sick bay art comp

The school sick bay has just been refurbished. The P&C are running an art competition to brighten it up. The winners will have their work framed and hung on a sick bay wall for all to see forever and ever amen.

The brief was to draw something that makes you happy. Psycho robotic ponies make Joel happy, but he thought that they may not make everyone happy. So he drew a bird instead. This is a big step forward. Two years ago he'd have submitted the pony and wondered why he didn't win.


  1. Awesome picture Joel! I love how bright & happy it looks. Good luck.

  2. Beautiful! (the psycho robotic pony still wins, in my opinion, but may not be a good choice for sick bay as the kids will all be faking being sick just to go in there and see it on the wall.)

  3. I like it. I think I would find it calming to look at if I was sick.