Tuesday, September 21, 2010

take it off

Son #2 (aged 9) wants to buy this song to listen to on his ipod. It's catchy. It's talks about freaks. All his friends listen to it. How should we respond?


  1. Yup, that's what I thought at first too. (Referring to the silence here!)

    But the punster in me is wondering whether you answered your own question: 'take it off' - send it up, mock it a bit. It's an easy target. Is this the point where it's worth helping him to rise above this sort of thing? I know there's the risk of elitism etc. But it seems to me that part of the Christian life is recognising the folly of the world for what it is.

    Of course, the easy option is to stall. In a month it'll be some other song...

  2. alas, I used to like cheezy pop when I was young also.... ie Hanson *shudder*

    I grew out of it thank goodness, so for the meantime let him listen to it until it gets boring, that's when you sneak in an awesome artist to fill the vaccum - eg Stevie Wonder

  3. Hey Marchall,

    Though Simone has called bad taste a sin plenty of times in the past, I think in this case it's perhaps the more morally dubious suggestions contained in the lyrics that she's concerned about. :P

    I reckon get him something better instead.

  4. Well, at least it discourages drinking & driving!

  5. It's pretty obvious to me what this song is about.

    Is she the new Christina Aguilera or something?

    Bin it.