Monday, September 20, 2010

At the moment...

Watching: Adventureland

Listening to: Tim Finn - The Conversation

Reading: Sophia Hannah Selected Poems, Tim Chester You Can Change

Writing: Nothing much this week. Maybe have another try at an Ezra Pound couplet some time.

Thinking about: Andrew Katay's criticisms of the Vine and the Trellis



  1. Bored again, huh? ;-)

    Watching: I wish. The Prisoner just finished, so I got nothing.

    Listening to: U2 - No Line on the Horizon

    Reading: Calvin, by Bruce Gordon. And the Hobbit, to Owen.

    Writing: a Chairman's Column. How can 300 words take so long?

    Thinking about: Getting back to it.

  2. Watching: I watched The Firm the other night and really liked it. And I've been watching Big Bang Theory clips on YouTube.

    Listening: Um...It's All Coming Back to Me Now / Celine Dion. :P

    Reading: Textbooks!

    Writing: ...about asceticism.

    Thinking about: whether or not I feel like breakfast yet.

  3. Watching: Chuck - love that show.

    Listening: disney cd with 'E'

    Reading: Wuthering Heights

    Writing: a series of posts on music in church

    Thinking about: God defining the word 'good' rather than the world.

  4. Anthony - The Prisoner? Original or remake? Are you looking for a new tv addiction? Our kids did the Hobbit on audio book. I wasn't up to reading it aloud for 6 hours at a time.

    Anika - Asceticism? For an assignment?

    Ruth - Looking forward to your music series. Have you read WH before?

  5. Adventureland is a great movie...

  6. Watching: Blood Diamond

    Listening: Various worship CDs

    Reading: Arthur Phillip's account of the Settlement

    Writing: An article for SA on euthanasia

  7. Simone I like this post-- you should make it a regular.

    Watching: The Fox and The Hound
    Listening: King Diamond
    Reading: Krazy Kat
    Writing: Annoying emails
    Thinking About: writing a comic strip

  8. Simone - I agree with Ben - this should be a regular feature of your blog.

    I studied WH at uni..... but no, didn't actually read it! I started it, knew the plot line and decided I just didn't like enough of the characters to bother. I'm going through a Bronte stage at the mo, and as I've read Anne and Charlotte recently, I decided it was time to give Emily another try.

  9. Woohoo, an opportunity to overshare!

    Watching: West Wing - we just finished Season 6.

    Reading: "Quarantine" by Jim Crace, one of my favourite writers.

    Listening: Whole pile of stuff while I wait for the new Richard Thompson and Martha Tilston CDs to arrive in the mail. Excitement building!

    Writing: Some new Christmas songs; just getting in early. Plus reports.

    Thinking about: how to compare the affordability of different forms of housing (someone's paying me for that one) and Bob Beamon winning the long jump at the 1968 Mexico Olympics (wish someone would pay me for that instead!).

  10. It was the 'remake' that I was watching. It's so hard to commit to longer things these days :(

    Owen's just old enough to start reading for himself, so I can get away with one chapter and send him off to bed where he'll read a few more pages and nod off.

    But it was enormously cool to be reading about Bilbo meeting Gollum while camping out for the first time on the weekend, and then the next day we went and checked out some old mines from the early 20th c...but he wouldn't come all the way down the tunnels!

  11. Did you like Adventureland?

    Watching: (too much because I had a sickie yesterday, but the highlight was) Persepolis.
    Listening to: birds chirping outside my office window
    Reading: failed student essays (for double-marking) and lots of Australian church history
    Writing: paper on early colonial Anglican sermons
    Thinking about: the impact of the Empire on Australian church history

  12. Hi Ben - yes, I was kind of thinking of this as a regular feature. Yes yes yes! write a comic strip!

    Craig and Jo - I loved adventureland. It ticked all the boxes for me.

    Craig - What worship cds? Anything good?

    Ruth - WH is a strange novel to read - cause you're not drawn to any of the characters. Have you read Villette yet? Or Shirley? Shirley is long but worth it.

    Anthony - just wait till you can share LOTR with them. Good times. Have you watched Firefly? It's a great series.

    Jo - Thanks for the Adventureland tip! Hope you are feeling better today. Early Anglican sermons - any good? What style?

    Jon - send me a song sometime!

  13. Watching: back to west wing series 1 after several years break.
    Reading: Karl Barth on enlightenment philosophy (partially by choice)
    Writing: about Richard Baxter's approach to pastoring his flock
    Thinking About: Fortitude and Funerals

  14. @ Simone, check out my song site.

  15. Yes, looking forward to the full adventure. Plus the 9 hours or so of DVDs...Should I confess that I not only bought and watched the extended editions of the three films, but also all the extras, and all three or four commentary tracks for each of them too?

    Watched Serenity, and it was ok. Firefly flew by, and I never saw it. My life continues impoverished, but I haven't noticed it much, so I'll probably be ok ;-)

  16. Watching: Balibo on DVD last week. And a few dresses on eBay.
    Listening: To rain falling outside. Also to Classic FM trying to decide what to vote for in their hottest 100.
    Reading: The Lovely Bones. For book club. Not that impressed so far. I'm enjoying Pride and Prejudice and Zombies more.
    Writing: A job application. Hard work. I'm a bit rusty from a year off and feel as if I've lost all the brains I used to have.
    Thinking: That I should stop procrastinating and get back to it.

  17. Thanks Jon.

    Anthony - Serenity gets 5/10.FireFly 9.5/10. You are impoverished.

    Karen - I have been wanting to read P&P+Zombies! So much fun!

    Chris - I've been redoing WW series 5. I might borrow series 1 from you when you've finished. Listening recommendations? The Dailies will have a new cd out next year, but that's ages away. I'm doing the finn brothers. Not sure how you'd go with that.

  18. Yes, for an assignment. One doesn't do these things for fun, generally speaking!

  19. Late to this. But...

    Watching: Deadwood. On ABC2.

    Listening To: David Ford, I Sincerely Apologise for All the Trouble I've Caused.

    Reading: nothing... I'm ashamed of myself

    Writing: Sermons, Bible Studies, Resume

    Thinking About: Why Mark Baddely's article in this month's briefing must be wrong.

  20. What was Mark writing about? I've not seen it yet.

  21. He blogged it first, I think, on Sola Panel - it's about (im)passibility. It's not the same, but obviously working from that as a draft.

  22. Watching: The first episode of the new series of THE BLOCK

    Listening: Jack Johnson

    Reading: QCS Short Response papers (1080 so far this week!)

    Thinking about: Peter arriving today and what I'm going to do in Brisbane for the next week when I've finished marking.

    Writing: Just colouring those little circles dots on those computer mark sheets.

  23. @Simone - rather enjoying Tomlin's "Jesus, Messiah" at the moment. You do it?

  24. Craig - Yeah, it's okay. Compelling like most of his stuff.

    Mel - finished marking yet? Is the standard the same as other years?