Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 confessions

1. I watched a couple of episodes of Vampire Diaries the other night and... I want more.
2. I'm considering going out and buying the Vampire Diaries books.
3. I'm currently watching X-factor. Idol was tacky. This is tackier, but I like tacky.
4. Yesterday I tried on skinny jeans. People with my thighs should not do this.
5. I'm even more interested in catapult making than my kids. Getting a little obsessed with finding the best table-top model.


  1. I watched X Factor for the first proper time last night, and winced all the way thru. It was terrible! Ichh, the ernestness of the judges, the crappiness of the contestants, the weird host guy... it all added up to badness, badness, badness.

  2. The host guy is awful isn't he? And it's so strange how the judges stick up for their acts no matter how bad they are. Several of the singers were the best in the country...

  3. I was curious enough about skinny jeans to try on a pair. I found out that the name is true. Only if you're skinny. I'm sticking with boring blue bootlegs.