Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 things I'd like to do sometime in eternity

1. Study astronomy. What does Jupiter look like up close? Which star is which? How many billions of galaxies are there out there?

2. Watch a movie get made. I'd like to listen in as decisions are made about colours and camera shots and sets.

3. Learn to sing.

4. Walk a really long way. Like across a country or something.


  1. But is there time in eternity? Aren't time and eternity mutually exclusive concepts?

    Not to rain on the parade or anything...I've often thought about all the things I'd like to do in eternity. I just wonder if "doing" will look at all like it does now.

  2. I think it will. I think we'll do stuff just like we do here. Explore the creation. Learn. Enjoy. Like Adam in the garden, Solomon in the land, except better.

  3. That is a fun list. They are all time consuming, so I'm assuming this is the list of things you're too busy to do now?

    As for number two that's one of the great things I love about Pixar movies. Because its animation, and they have to make all those same decisions but to the extreme (you get nothing free in animation, if you want a picture to hang on the wall, you've got to construct it in the computer, you have to record all the sounds from scratch, rather than relying on the natural sounds of your filming environment etc). So the bonus features on the DVDs give you a window into the tens of thousands of decisions that go into the movie. Fascinating.

    Number 1: Are you one of those people with a dusty and unused telescope lying on top a bookshelf somewhere, or rusting on the verandah, or shoved in the back of the garage?

  4. Will there be blisters in eternity I wonder?, cause #4 would be awesome if there isn't.

  5. Yes. too busy to do these things now. I have no telescope. Just a few kids science books on space. I think that we'll get to study the new creation just like we study this one. I'm not naturally scientific but others will be and I hope to dedicate a few decades (or centuries) to reading their work.

    Jo - If there are blisters, clever people will put their new creation minds to inventing really good shoes.