Wednesday, September 1, 2010

on Friday...

... I'm going to this ministry wives function.

Great topic.

Looking forward to it.

Actually, I just love the word 'se*xo logist'. How cool to be able to describe yourself as that!


  1. Hope it goes well! Wish I could be there as a participant to listen to the talk... :)

  2. Plus, she's a hoot. Seems unfair that someone who could hold a crowd with their little finger gets to always speak on a topic that'd keep 'em listening anyway!

  3. When I was a young university student, I decided for my final year radiography elective to chose the subject I was told would be the biggest bludge, namely, 'Health and Sexuality' with lecturer Patricia Weerakoon. I later repented of my slothfulness and chose to take a subject that would be more beneficial to being a radiographer.

    To do that I had to get a form signed by Patricia to unenrol me. When I went to the lecturers offices I told the receptionist what i was doing. The receptionist went around the corner and I overheard her explaining my request to Patricia. Patricia replied quite loudly, 'The less students studying sex around here, the better.'

    She came out from behind the wall and signed my paper.

  4. She's a nice lady. I remember early on I wrote a post after hearing her speak, and I kinda poked fun a bit at the term s'ologist.

    I was then mortified when she commented on the post! Oops! But she was a good sport.

    Feel my pain here:

  5. I remembered that post. 2 years later I'm still laughing about the word you don't ever want to hear your minister say! I was thinking about it when I wrote this post.

    I want to write it just for fun.

  6. Ben, I think you meant 'witness my pain here'.

  7. Don't say it Simone. It'll tarnish you forever.

    Anthony, to witness is to feel.