Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When Nathan was little, I decided that our kids would never play with guns or weapons. That resolution lasted about 2 years. Since then our kids have had swords, guns, bows and arrows, light sabers and more. Here's Nathan's explanation of what we made this afternoon.

Our friend Will's video gives a few more details.

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  1. Excellent work guys. That is pretty cool. I will be showing it to my little people since they love both weapons and YouTube videos.

    Simone, the no weapon resolution didn't last long here either, our boys always just made their own swords and spears from sticks in the garden anyway. The floodgates opened with someone giving us a light saber, now we have water guns, foam swords, inflatable baseball bats etc. Liam actually had a go at making a catapult the other day (not as detailed as yours) using a ribbon that came wrapped around a present. He did manage to hit the house quite hard with a large rock.