Sunday, September 5, 2010

Less is more : 5 things everyone should learn how to do

1. Edit video. Chop out every unnecessary millisecond. Your friends will thank you for it. In fact, if you have edited properly, your friends may still be your friends after the viewing experience.

2. Make wise fonting choices. Just because you have 1000 fonts, it doesn't mean you should use them all. Especially not in the one document. Actually, don't ever use 950 of them. And lose the clipart, too.

3. Write facebook status updates without exclamation marks. Christians seem to have an obsession with exclamation marks. Some say we should just cut down. I say, complete cold turkey. None at all. None!

4. Resist the wonders that are word art and slide transitions. Again, just because they are there...

5. Write a list. Who needs logic? Who needs paragraphs? The list is clean and beautiful.


  1. I refuse to slag off 'fade smoothly'.

    I confess to total bemusement that a company that spends soooo much on marketing, on graphic design of their products and interface, etc., can produce such vast quantities of woeful clipart.

    I'm more prone to just training off, myself...