Friday, March 30, 2012

Viola day 2

My ears may never recover from this.

What exactly does a tone sound like? I've been listening to myself play so many rough approximations today that I'm struggling to remember.

And alto clef. I'm pretending that it's treble and transposing everything up a step. Then down an octave. It's working for now but I suspect it's not a long term solution.


  1. I sympathise. I was made to play the piccolo in year twelve in the school orchestra and my ear/capacity for fine tuning has never been the same. I had to shut down that whole part of my brain so that I didn't go insane with the ever so slightly out of tune sounds I was producing all year.

    As for alto clef, who invented that? It's crazy. Although I suspect if you keep transposing up a step and down an octave and learn how to do it at speed, that you will have connected a whole lot of new synapses. And that has to be a positive.

  2. The beauty of alto sax - one clef only - treble.

  3. My tip for alto clef: Don't think so much about what note you're playing, just where it sits on the neck of the viola. The notes will slip into place later. At least that's what I found.