Friday, March 16, 2012

cake pop rant

Too good to keep hidden in the comments. Thanks Deb!

Must we, peoples, must we decorate EVERYTHING now? Seriously. Yes, we do not want our homes, dogs, food and laundries looking like they came to us backwards through a barbed-wire fence (as my dear mother would say) but they do not need to be crafted at every turn. Stop already with the diy! Leave the laundry shelves in peace. Put down your glue gun. Throw out that bottle lid without considering what cute use it might be put to if only you worked it into a free-hand crochet tablecloth. You don't need to find a perfect slogan to stencil on the lid of your washing machine that matches the laundry curtains. Just stop!!! Sorry. Must have a cup of tea. In a plain mug.