Thursday, March 1, 2012

Draft 2

Rewritten. Remetered. Repaired?

It has a 6/8 tune.

Is it better than before?

No Title Yet (If a title doesn't jump out the lyric is generally in trouble.)

Hope of the ages, light of the world
Born a baby in the darkness.
Into the silence, God speaks his word
And the sky alights with glory!
This the day
All the prophets longed to see
God our God
Writes himself in history
Immanuel, Immanuel!

How can a stable house this new king?
Could the whole of earth contain him?
Hills bow before him, rocks rise and sing!
Let the nations come and worship.
Child of dust
fall before his manger throne.
Bow in awe
This your God and he alone.
Immanuel, Immanuel!

Privileged creation! No other world
Could dream of such an honour.
Safe as a fortress, strong and secure
For God himself is in her!
Christ our light
Living here, his home with us!
Shining bright!
Showing all the father’s love!
Immanuel, Immanuel!

sar 2012


  1. Mich tighter and more controlled! Still very "heavenly" but because the lyric is more consistent and focused it doesn't jar as much because it's clearer that this is a reflection on a particular aspect of the event - you can't say everything in one song!

  2. Homecoming?

    His and creation's intertwined.

    1. Not sure. This isn't home for either him or us...

    2. good point. thinking more of the idea that in terms of economy of salvation it is a big deal though not the final homecoming or consummation.

      Jesus coming in the fullness of time. Creation groaning waiting for sons of God to be revealed of which this man is the first.

      How about 'The Journey'

  3. Cool to see how it's progressing. I think it's improved since the first draft but I can't give you specifics on how...overall, it just seems to flow a bit better I think. Any sign of a tune yet?

    1. Yes, there's a tune. Not public yet though. Still needs work.

  4. I like it.. can't wait to hear it!